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For more than 40 years, component and surface cleanliness has been what they are doing best. Today, their family-run business is one of the global market and technology leaders in the field of aqueous parts cleaning.

Industrial parts cleaning has long become an element of central importance for the value chain in manufacturing. MAFAC offers a wide range of compact machines that meet various cleaning requirements, tailored to the customers' requirement.

organic contamination's such as oils and greases, on the other hand, are generally removed by systems using HC (hydrocarbon) or CHC (chlorinated hydrocarbon) as solvents.
The use of hydrocarbons (HC) and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) as solvents led in the past to various ecological problems (soil contamination, groundwater contamination's, contribution to the acid rain) and health problems (industrial safety, stress for adjacent rooms).
Regarding their environmental compatibility and costs the aqueous cleaners have the best results, Mafac manufacture Energy efficient machines to reduce operating cost.

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